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Re-Secure Your Life by Winning Social Security Disability Benefits in Tucson

If you live in Tucson, Eloy, Arizona City, Casa Grande, Coolidge, Florence or Maricopa, you can get one of the most experienced SSD law firms in Arizona to fight for your benefits claim.

You paid Social Security taxes out of every paycheck, but now medical problems make it impossible to work. You may wonder how you’re going to pay bills, keep food on the table and just keep the lights on.

Applying for disability benefits is complicated and daunting. Fortunately, you can turn to the attorneys at Ober & Pekas.

Our attorneys have more than 73 years of combined experience helping people like you win benefits. We’ve been a leader in Arizona since 1979.

Your Hearing in Tucson

When you live in the communities south of Phoenix and you need to appeal your case to an administrative law judge, the Social Security Administration (SSA) holds your hearing in Tucson.

We will go with you to your hearing.

We work in Tucson all the time and know the judges and medical professionals in the Tucson area.

In fact, our managing partner, Ed Ober, grew up in Tucson and earned both his bachelor’s degree and law degree in Tucson.

In 2016, the SSA reported the judges in Tucson approved benefits about 64% of the time.

All across the country, SSA statistics say your chances of winning benefits increase when you have professional representation.

Personal Attention for Your Claim

As you apply for benefits and begin your claim, we can guide you through the process by phone. We also invite you to visit our office in Phoenix.

At Ober & Pekas, our disability attorneys understand your worries when you’re unable to work because of your medical condition. Let us help you re-secure your life.

If you live in Tucson or anywhere in Southern Arizona and can’t work, call us today for a free consultation.

Tucson Social Security Disability Lawyers

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