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Social Security Disability is complicated

We know what has to be proven to win your entitlement to SSD benefits as quickly as possible.


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Social Security Disability Insurance Is Complicated

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Because SSDI and SSI is complicated, it’s smart to work with a disability attorney from your initial application. But we can help you at every stage of the process, whether applying, appealing a denial or with hearings at all court levels – even if facing termination of benefits.


  • File all necessary SSD documentation for applications, appeals and hearings
  • Handle all communications with the SSA on your behalf
  • Work with your doctors to obtain the correct medical records and assessments
  • Oversee every stage of the process to ensure the best possible outcoe


Social Security laws and regulations are extremely complex. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on the Social Security office to fully help you through the process or your doctor to know what information will best support your case.

Navigating through the system without an experienced disability attorney is overwhelming and stressful. Many of our clients express how dealing with all the “red tape” to get benefits without representation also chips away at their dignity. Let us deal with the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income system so you can focus on your health and surviving this very difficult time.

With us you get an experienced, dedicated disability attorney and highly knowledgeable support staff as your hands-on management team every step of the way – along with the kindness and respect you deserve.

Our disability lawyers are all local and know the judges in Phoenix and Tucson well. Many of our staff came from working at Disability Determination and Social Security offices in Arizona. We know what has to be proven to win your entitlement to Social Security Disability benefits as quickly as possible. Other law offices and non-attorney advocate representatives can’t offer as much knowledge and support. Compare and see.

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