If You Can’t Work, We Want to Help Resecure Your Life

At Ober Pekas Ronstadt, we help people who can’t work get the Social Security Disability or Long-Term Disability benefits they need. If you can’t work because of your medical condition – whether physical or mental – you can file a claim for benefits Or, if you were denied benefits, you have the right to

appeal. Our attorneys can help you with applying for benefits or filing your appeal. The process to get any type of benefits is complicated but our attorneys know the law, the process and have the experience to help you win benefits .

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  • Social Security Disability Benefits

    Dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be extremely frustrating. There are many complicated laws, rules and procedures you must deal with to meet the SSA’s definition of “disabled.”

    Most people are denied at least once in the process to get disability benefits. If that’s happened to you, don’t think your case is over. Together we can file your appeal and fight to get you the disability benefits you need.

    You worry about dealing with your medical conditions, let our attorneys deal with getting you the benefits you need. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your disability claim.

  • Long-Term Disability Benefits

    If you have a LTD benefits policy that you’ve purchased or paid for through your employer, you should get benefits if you can’t work because of your medical condition. But it’s not always that simple.

    Winning LTD benefits means dealing with large insurance companies who like to keep you from getting and keeping LTD benefits. The whole process can seems overwhelming and time-consuming, but success in the long run is possible.

    Our attorneys can help you take on the insurance company and win LTD benefits. Call us for help when your employer and insurance company won’t cooperate.

  • The Team at Ober & Pekas

    Every day our attorneys help people who can’t work get the benefits they deserve. We’ve helped thousands of people in Arizona win benefits and we’d like to help you.

    We know how you feel when you’re worried about survival and security because you need benefits to help pay the bills. Maybe you’re worried about keeping food on the table, keeping a roof over your head or maintaining your retirement fund. Whatever you’re worried about, call us for help. We want to get you the benefits you need to resecure your life.

    Contact us today for help with your benefits. We’ll start you off with a free consultation.

    Meet The Attorneys

When You Turn 50, the Rules to Win Benefits Change

Winning disability benefits is never easy, but when you turn 50, the rules change to make things a little simpler for some claimants. And the rules can change the closer you get to retirement age to make it a little easier to get the benefits you need.

But while we use the word “easier,” it still doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get benefits. There are still complex rules, laws and procedures in place. Our attorneys at Ober Pekas Ronstadt are experienced in helping the people of Arizona win benefits.

If you can’t work because of your physical or mental condition, let us focus on getting you benefits so you can focus on your health. When you need benefits, you’re probably worried about have you’re going to make it from day to day. Let us take the weight of winning benefits  of your shoulder.

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