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Your Life Resecured.

If you were denied benefits, you can appeal. But winning on appeal isn’t easy. At Ober & Pekas, we can help you appeal.

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Before you apply, you will need to gather medical evidence and work history documents. Call our Phoenix disability attorneys for help.

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If you suffer from a physical or mental condition that is expected to keep you from working for at least one year, you may qualify.

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Phoenix Social Security Disability and Long-Term Disability Attorneys

At Ober & Pekas, we want to help you win Social Security Disability (SSD) or Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits. We know how important these benefits are to your well-being and we want to help you resecure your life.

Whether you need to apply for benefits, or if you were denied, our Phoenix disability attorneys are here to help you. Call us today to get started with a free consultation of your claim.

There were a few times where my husband and I wanted to “throw in the towel,” and they were able to ever so gently bring us back to the process. If you are in the situation and need to go through this process, hire Ober & Pekas.

Long-Term Disability



The firm of Ober & Pekas is very knowledgeable of SSA laws and procedures and have stayed with me throughout my case. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who has a disability case.

Social Security Disability

Why Ober & Pekas?

At Ober & Pekas, we have the largest support staff in Arizona. Our disability lawyers won’t let your disability case go cold. We communicate with you at every step. We keep you informed of where your case stands. And we promise to treat you like a person, not a case.
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